Some time ago I was invited to collaborate in an exciting project by its founder, who also happens to be a respected colleague of mine. I'm talking about the magazine C2 Ciencia y Cultura (, which was started and is administered by Dr. Carlos Ruiz. In my opinion, this is a most needed magazine in Mexico, in which the authors talk about culture and science; about their historical relation, their philosophy, their problems, the public policies concerning them, etc., and they do it rigorously, but using a language accessible for the layman. Since all the published material is freely available for everyone with access to the Internet, I truly expect that this magazine will contribute to improve the scientific culture in Mexico, as well and other Spanish speaking countries. So, if you haven visited this magazine website, I strongly recommend you to do so. I'm sure you will enjoy most, it not all, of the material in it. From time to time, I've published some articles in C2 Ciencia y Cultura. Below, you can find the links to the articles I've published so far. The last ones are organized under a column I was entrusted with and whose title in Spanish is El Huevo del Cocodrilo. Of course, you are invited to read them. Hopefully, you'll find them interesting and enjoyable.